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March 25, 2012
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Morrowind Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 1:30 AM
Morrowind dock icon by kassit

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is my favourite game of all time, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been planning for awhile to put together a game-inspired feature; unfortunately, it is very hard to find genuine fan art since most Morrowind-related deviations on dA are game screenshots (or manipulations thereof), and I found only a limited number of devs I could use.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Morrowind is an open-ended first-person RPG with an expansive and detailed world, released in 2002. The central plot concerns the deity Dagoth Ur, housed within the volcanic Red Mountain, who seeks to gain power and break Morrowind free from Imperial reign. In addition to the extensive main quest, there are detailed discursive quests for a variety of factions, including various guilds, religious organizations, and aristocratic houses.

Plot Related

Lord Voryn Dagoth had been a good friend of Lord Indoril Nerevar, but they turned against each other in the Battle of the Red Mountain, and House Dagoth was crushed and scattered. However, Dagoth re-awakened later and set up base in the crater citadels of Red Mountain, spreading his influence and seeking to cast down the current deities and eventually conquer all Tamriel. The central storyline of Morrowind revolves around the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, referred to as "The Nerevarine", who has been prophesied to oppose and defeat the malevolent Dagoth Ur and his followers, encompassed in a faction named "The Sixth House".

Main Story

Vvardenfell at peril by Swietopelk 1st Council by RisingMonster Lord Nerevar and Voryn Dagoth by Theophilia Morrowind: Dunmer Prisoner by x-AnEternalDeath-x Morrowind: Sixth House Dream by Sanguithar Dream Sequence - Sort Of by Hreztil Second Dream Sequence by Hreztil Many Fall, But One Remains by Theophilia :thumb333563666: Heart of Lorkhan by HestorNestor Uupse Fyr and Yagrum Bagarn by HestorNestor Yagrum Bagarn by The-Great-Shiniku Divayth Fyr by yoult Corprus upgrade by Righon Saying Goodbye by Tenshi-Inverse Nerevarine in Kogoruhn by Rastrelly Cavern of the Incarnate by Raniana Vivec by 1ndajone5 Path of the Nerevarine by Aznaddran Lord Kagrenac by TheMinttu Kagrenac's Tools by Derenge :thumb79604820: Battle of Gods by KronossLiandri TES - Disrupted Pace by Izz-noxfox :thumb79743580:

Nerevar and Nerevarine

The Nerevarine by TheMinttu Nerevar Indoril by RisingMonster Portrait of Nerevar by WilliamWeird Moon and Star by Juame Nerevarine by IcedWingsArt - Nerevar Indoril: outfit - by Ardariel TES: Nerevarine born and coming by Ti-R Nerevarine by Hreztil Red Mountain - Coloured by Hreztil

Voryn Dagoth

Sharmat by greedofan The Tribunal Will Fall Down by GothaWolf Dagoth Ur by Tsinji :thumb283160625: Dagoth Ur by curtsibling Lord Dagoth by DarianKite :thumb101630109: Praise Dagoth Ur by LandscapeRunner My Pecioussssss by GothaWolf Voryn Dagoth the Sharmat by RisingMonster :thumb86386126:

Nerevar x Dagoth

Friendship for life by greedofan Boo. by greedofan Moments that makes life great by greedofan Evening Star by greedofan Nerevar and Dagoth Ur II by TheFatalImpact Lord Dagoth and Lord Indoril by DarianKite Studying hard by greedofan Savior of the Dreaming Dead by Clockwork-Gears

Tribunal Gods and Daedra

Daily Drawing 40 by Fuelreaver ALMSIVI by GothaWolf ALMSIVI by Sanguithar :thumb300167557: The world's teeth by nadmoremtumana Lord Vivec by LordArkey Vivec by LordArkey Lord Vivec by RisingMonster - Beauty and the beasT - by mornmeril Morrowind by Draagonfly Who did you call GOOD deadra? by Abadir :thumb333894287: Never meant to belong by RisingMonster In the past by asunochka AlmSiVi blessings pic.2 by 000-Grey Azura Moon and Star by Righon Azura: Dawn and Dusk by TheMinttu :thumb73489789: Azura by GaspardART Mephala by Brand09 The Head of Boethiah by theOlven

Sixth House

Dagoth and Friends by Doomed-Dreamer Dagoth Shrine by dinmenel The Sixth House by J-Humphries TES - Ash zombie by Izz-noxfox :thumb121777200: Ash Ghoul by ValaSedai Ash ghoul by LeKsoTiger Ash ghoul by Orwan-Hull 2 by Shagan-fury Ascended Sleeper by IrisErelar Ascended Sleeper by DSiwek TES - Sleeper Wakes by calicogoat Ascended Sleeper by chrisbeaver Ash Vampire by Celestial-Polydegmon Ash Vampire by Walkingpalmtree Corprus Stalker by TheMinttu Haus Dagoth (Ancient One) by PriestMorokei The Sixth House by AmbrMerlinus


Seven prophecies by Ketzall Free as wind in Ashland by Ketzall Ashland by asunochka Hunter by greedofan Ashlander Camp by croicroga Native and his three wives by kungfubellydancer Ashlander by M-JulZ

Game Related

Fan art of different characters and OCs, scenes, battles, side quests.

Events, Scenes

Julan and the Clannfears by plangkye The Fall of Ald'ruhn by WilliamWeird TES - Sighting Port Telvanni by Izz-noxfox .Bad News. by sewreel Wanderer by Anastasia-N Welcome to Vvardenfell by Demi-urgic Sebyth's Fall of Ald'Ruhn by Sebyth Farewell, Ruhn by greedofan Malacath's Halloween by Percavius Berne Deception by Hieronymus7Z We are watching you, scum by DeepWoodian Da Valen's Gang by Rastrelly The gondolier by Lelek1980 Morrowind by Brogis There is no escape by Nordic-Dragon arganianin by 400004 Morrowind Still Life by JEMdark Jiub on his way to Sainthood by TheShieldofOak Ordinator by ArenSH :thumb159568896: balmora cut - couple and by Saito00 Morrowind by ladyofparanoia Dunmer in the Ashlands by Demi-urgic Ascadian Isles by hyperionwitch :thumb254340561: Morrowind: Ienith brothers by RisingMonster Anhaedra hates his life by TheMinttu Harvalic by Percavius Dunmer maiden in glass by Righon Khajiit's-dealers by HeloiseTheSiamese Vivec by hyperionwitch Twilight in Gnisis by LeKsoTiger :thumb311529915: Almsivi Sees All by Demi-urgic Crosier of st. Llothis by Ljuton St. Rilms by Ljuton Exorcist Morag Tong by KoTnoneKoT From Balmora... by Cerviero Got Skooma? by PaperandDust TES III: Asura Shores wip by atananuk Netch Plantation by TheMinttu Good deeds are punishable, the stranger by CKyHC Pilgrim_01 by Zdhifgjzhgu Morrowind by CKyHC The Ashlands Caravan by 000-Grey Cute little scrib by Einoin

Characters, Races

An argonian of Morrowind by DeerDandy :thumb263006334: Morrowind: Dunmer by thnts45 A young dunmer metis by HestorNestor  TES Aneleven WIP 2 by Velena-Gorosama Aryon .2 by 000-Grey Charm me Tevanni by Juame Morrowind: telvanni finished by atananuk Telvanni wizard by kissyushka Elf and a tree-fungus in color by Yamber Khajit by FuryOn1989 Morrowind Dude by ricey Khajiit of the Twin Lamps by lamarble Contemplation by Luthrai Kinsman of Hlaalu by Asraniel Jess and Goopy the guar by vampire-chicken Yuhha in Morrowind by Milulya Yuhha and broiler guar XD by Milulya jorney by dariiy Morrowind: Ashlands by Ti-R Unarmoured Dunmer with Spear by Sebyth Seyda Neen Sunset by KeksWolf Archmagistress by plangkye Tribunal Temple Disciple by AzakaChi-RD-17 Speedpaint: Ein by ArcaneChild Skooma by ket-golosov In Ashland by Eldanaro St. Jiub by Ketzall Ald'ruhn ash-storm by dariiy Ashlander Warrior by Brogis Ash yam by Mielipuolukka Swamp Sentinel by a-iccara Ashlanders dream by Ketzall Back to Aldruhn by Ketzall Look what I've found by Faasnu Museful Ashlander by HeavyMouse Lina in Morrowind by LikaLaruku :thumb174615552: Rufus for DarthBartus by Shagan-fury First Look by Hreztil Dagoth Gilvoth in his study by 000-Grey Swamps of Vvardenfell by SanguineDragon Boiled Netch Leather by Nordic-Dragon La' Zire - Morrowind by OblivionOverture


Kiss at Tel Vos by plangkye Caught in the Rain by hyperionwitch Unexpected by kungfubellydancer Growing Affections by Racheru - Dawn in Veloti mountains - by Ardariel Vivec and Maskerade by Lucie-P :thumb317545948: Morrowind-slavery delivery by jmynstyx Aeronwen and Voryn by Lady-MorningStar Our Night by Jeevana White_dame by Ljuton On Morrowind: Sleepers Awake by Doberlady That night, by the fire... by Hijiklomo


Morrowind: Family Portrait by Ti-R All truth about Sleepers by IrisErelar Morrowind days by SnowSkadi Dwemeres Disappearing by GothaWolf That's No Dragon by MasterGothren Morrowind FunFact Bull Netch by DrRiptide Azura's visit by asunochka TES - Fit for the role by Izz-noxfox I'm Creeping by sunshineley Best morrowind NPC ever by Jazon19 Looks Like Dinner by Atlur My Little Azura by Shark-Elder :thumb109925620:


The events take place on Vvardenfell, an island in the Dunmer province of Morrowind. The game environment is large and richly detailed, with real-time weather effects, day and night cycle, and a great variety of plant and animal life.

West Gash, Bitter Coast, Ascadian Isles

The Netch Bridge by IrisErelar :thumb300146727: Ascadian Isles by ValaSedai Morrowind..ish. by s0fus-snk Bitter Coast by TheMinttu morrowind by Milulya Morrowind Scape by Dremorax Somewhere in Ascadian Isles by Jorsoran In Morrowind by Jorsoran Path in the Hills by MKelland Morrowind - Ancestral Tomb by Arikhana :thumb328117192: Koal Cave by ValaSedai environment 01 by Ardariel Morrowind Style LandScape by coleruto Bitter Coast by yoplatz Ash Swamp by Tamriel-Rebuilt A View of Morrowind by mangoandpeaches

Grazelands, Azura's Coast, Sheogorad

Morrowind 1 by pietruszkowykr00lik Azura by dinmenel Sunset in Morrowind by Psyjick Morrowind landscape by Eldanaro :thumb340858548: At the Sanctus Shrine by ValaSedai Grazelands Caravan by TheMinttu Shepherd's Watch by THODRAGONFIRE An ancient ruins by Lelek1980 Dunmeri Temple by I-Worm

Ashlands, Molag Amur, Red Mountain

Trouble on the Winds by Demi-urgic Beyond the Ghostfence by Lelek1980 The Red mountain by LeKsoTiger Red Mountain by Skullbastard Red Mountain by Lelek1980 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by vopoha Bal Isra by dinmenel Molag Amur by dinmenel :thumb347547889: Foyada Mamaea by fifi-la-fumeuse Molag Amur by hyperionwitch Morning in the Ashlands by Dremorax Ghostgate by Shagan-fury Cave - Enterance by Blervakh Somewhere in Vvardenfell by kitendawili Moons over Ashlands by isibis7 Ash Sands by 000-Grey Into the Ashlands by CapraScriba Dwemer ruins by Jorsoran Morrowind: Daedric Ruins at Sunset by MadEvilLydia Peace Over Red Mountan by Kiarushka


Towns, villages, cities of Vvardenfell. The developers, rather than choosing the common Medieval European setting of fantasy games, took elements from Egyptian, early Japanese, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Vivec City

Vivec sunset by Swietopelk Vivec street by Shagan-fury In Vivek by Jorsoran A view to the Palace of Vivec. by I-Worm Vivec by jupotter :thumb287613553: Ordinator by Kygetsu Law and Order by TheMinttu we're watching you, scum by Chilkat  Ordinator speedy by Parkhurst Morrowind Fan Art - Ordinator by DADDY-Z3RO

Hlaalu Towns

Ascadian Isles by SnowSkadi Morrowind. Suran on lake Masobi. by VorinEpo Morrowind Balmora v1_wip? by Saito00 Camonna Tong by Lelek1980 Night Suran by Lelek1980 :thumb306872210: Balmora Morrowind by DoppelGanger1332 Hlaalu Councilhouse Speedpaint by hyperionwitch WIP Egypt City - middle-class district by Dhattura A Quiet Night in Suran by TheMinttu Morrowind by WH2007 Hlaalu Warrior by Shabazik

Redoran Towns

Morrowind by Demi-urgic Ald'ruhn. Silt strider port by Lelek1980 Welcome Pilgrim by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Lights of Ald Ruhn by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Ald'ruhn by Lelek1980 :thumb336524364: Redoran Guard- Morrowind by DakotaCatagnus View to Ald'ruhn's Silt Strider port by RebornOnMars :thumb291340379: :thumb212649430: :thumb299606327:

Imperial Towns

:thumb281781681: :thumb149533761: :thumb28418798: :thumb74430977:


:thumb254423820: :thumb263271516: :thumb169072312: :thumb304743746: :thumb199672135: :thumb113074747: :thumb297403383: :thumb336523520: :thumb171650710: :thumb179643044: :thumb181522196: :thumb318382861: :thumb208167544: :thumb107331769: :thumb315119605: :thumb317582139:

Flora and Fauna

Animals, plants, monsters of Vvardenfell


:thumb116198175: :thumb123972776: :thumb171014692: :thumb158374175: :thumb35716179: :thumb118978546: :thumb115419535: :thumb260965682: :thumb158599749: :thumb101790543: :thumb334484534: :thumb307776196: :thumb121447734: :thumb215775675: :thumb269550224: :thumb115086538: :thumb127487897: :thumb160062955: :thumb299076582: :thumb299076849: :thumb46921089: :thumb82067628: :thumb292587021: :thumb318771861: :thumb263294025:


:thumb300157784: :thumb285755232: :thumb216947577: :thumb262257109: :thumb139474292:


:thumb110119038: :thumb80108876: :thumb44071731: :thumb191085332: :thumb183805235: :thumb325895424: :thumb257388868: :thumb256697899: :thumb261844962: :thumb126255853:

Other Fan Art

Stories, stamps, artisan crafts. For chaptered fan fiction, I included only the first chapter (or prologue), but I suggest to check out the rest of the story too.

Fan Fiction

:thumb112246312: :thumb107136912: :thumb272289966: :thumb212664376: :thumb156337083: :thumb285067557: :thumb125115589: :thumb71408062: :thumb39589557: :thumb280817157: :thumb103386613: :thumb202439209: :thumb161560417: :thumb123663409:

Fan Fiction - Mature Content

:thumb127391466: :thumb144495898: :thumb141437749: :thumb200394654:


:thumb326744889: :thumb90259105: :thumb172136533: :thumb89921009:

Artisan Crafts

:thumb279016946: :thumb307524908: :thumb307525105: :thumb274963138: :thumb215423908: :thumb340807808: :thumb296673733: :thumb274771204: :thumb301255715: :thumb316250366: :thumb283657531: :thumb290318472: :thumb173045939: :thumb287786307: :thumb199754751: :thumb284315874: :thumb36805779: :thumb277200900: :thumb136801675: :thumb286643745: :thumb346122506: :thumb303117199: :thumb174933642: :thumb209320640: :thumb321190828: :thumb325385887: :thumb203182928:

If you liked the feature, please favourite the article to bring more attention to it. For more Morrowind fan art, you can check Elder Scrolls related groups, or visit the galleries of the artists featured above.

You can check out my Oblivion feature here.

Enjoy and take care.

An Elder Scrolls Morrowind feature - fan art only, no screenshots. If there's more great art you think I should include, please send me a note and I will add it to the article.

First version 25 March 2012, last updated 10 January 2013.

Journal skin by ~Hadeki - you can get it here.
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